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Look at the new buds! Ej and Grandma Caroline. Who knew?
Too bad this is the biggest bunch of bunk ever . . . unless . . . could a story start developing where Alzheimer Grandma suddenly sees Ej as her Victor and starts batting her eyelashes and making passes at him every time he comes into the pub? She can ramble on about how she's going to reform his bad boy ways back in the kitchen with her wooden spoon. ;) Yes, I see many more enlightening 'discussions' in their future. :o

Did Daniel do something with Jennifer today? I must have missed those moments - intentionally.

Nick proposing was all kinds of cute and fit the couple very well. Nicely done.

Sami has her wedding planner hat firmly on and I actually think it's amusing to see her take this on considering her numerous weddings and the fact that Gabi is pregnant with her grandchild and she doesn't know it.

Boy Hope just jumped right in there didn't she? I had to laugh at the way she skedaddled out of the coffee shop to get to Nick.

I liked seeing Rafe get hugs from Johnny as we haven't had much interaction between him and the kids considering what a big part of their life he was. As far as we know it was a pretty abrupt departure and that's hard for kids to understand. The scenes with Ej were more of the same we've seen a hundred times over. Blah, blah, blah Sami, blah, blah.

Ej you are such a boring disappointment. I already made a comment elsewhere about how out of character your knowledge of passed down Brady family snicker doodle recipes is when you had the perfect in character opportunity to show off your Dimera wealth by teaching Johnny the advantages of ordering from the worlds best bakery. The writers are so uncreative when it comes to differentiating you from the pack.
Can the reforming of Ej be done already? I'm starting to snooze here.
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