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Dec 10 2012, 05:06 PM
I'm a stickler for tradition. As much a I love Marlena, she shouldn't have an ornament. She's not a Horton or married to one.

Neither is Sami. Hence, no ornament. Johnny and Sydney, same thing. Unless either of them marries a Horton, no ornament. And if a divorce occurs? No ornament the next year. Like Nicole, for example, doesn't have an ornament because she's no longer marries to Lucas.

"Family friends" and "ex-spouses" should not be on the tree. Period. For example, I understand Gabby getting an ornament, because she's married to a Horton. But Rafe? Not a Horton relative or a Horton spouse. If he marries into the family, fine. But as of now, no ornaments.

It waters down the tradition if everyone, including ex-wives, ex-husbands, and friends, get onaments. it becomes meaningless at that point.
Honestly, it would make more sense for Marlena to have one than Chloe, Daniel, Melanie, Sami, Gabi and other randoms combined. All throughout the 80s, Marlena WAS Alice and Tom's daughter. They cared, loved and protected her like one (Tom arranged a wedding in a day for her, for crying out loud, he loved her that much - he didn't even bite at Alice's attempts to pick a fight with him to stop him. He loved her as a daughter, and so did Alice) and to Tom & Alice, that is what counted. It wasn't shown as much in the 90s, but it was still very much there.

Tom walked her down the isle and Alice was the one she sought out for motherly advice. She is not some "family friend". They were her second set of parents, and for her to have an ornament would be quite normal. Except that they've totally lost their meaning the last... 10 years, so I'll just remember Marlena and her extra-parents with the love they were shown onscreen, that's certainly more fun than the crap that's shown us now.
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