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Dec 10 2012, 12:50 PM
The writers of the past wrote characters CONSISTENTLY and they were not in love with multiple men or women at once and once they made their choies were not fickle about it. I think that has especially hurt all the characters in recent years but then in the past the stories were good and you could understand where a character was coming from and presently I can't for any character as they are all fickle generic and in love with being in love. So IMO while in Sami's case she cheated the sls are COMPLETELY different and should not be compared to the extent they have been because the writing and stories don't do anything justice least of all Caroline's illness when shes reduced to being a sounding board for Sami's endless men saga. Making the story about Sami and not Caroline in essence or even Eric being used as a tool to push or okay stamp EJ and Sami as a couple. So while trying to draw "parallells" they pick and choose what they will compare ignoring or whitewashing the rest and that is my problem, especially every time they try EJ and Sami and each time is worse and worse and more unbelievable than the last which makes Sami especially look bad. I really no longer care so it is what it is. There is NOTHING like they at least in the past tried to use to explain her current behaviour and I thought it was very fitting for Sami to tell Eric "I can't imagine my life without a man or being in love" How very appropriate for what she has become and thats why she desperately needs therapy but they wont do that. So we are stuck with stupid fickle and easy characters unfortunately.
And if it was a triangle, it was actually written in character, even if that meant showing the bad sides. If you take John/Marlena or Victor/Caroline, they can't be compared at all, imo.

Marlena was not fickle in the John/Marlena/Roman triangle. Nor was Caroline in hers. Marlena made her choice and she stuck to it. She loved Roman, but she was in love with John. Caroline loved Shawn, but her passion was strong for Victor. They were good people who had two weak moments, not because they were angry or drunk or sad, because of love and circumstance. Circumstances that were not controlled by them, but that they had to live by. They chose to put other people before their own happiness, and they lived with that choice. They weren't unhappy, but they weren't as happy as they would have been together, either. But it was a choice made with others in mind, and they tried very hard to stick by it. Caroline managed it because Victor wasn't the same constant in her life that John was in Marlena's. They never lived as husband and wife, fully happy and satisfied with life.

Sami's disaster of a love life is a result of her own poor choices, choices made with herself in mind. She put herself first, again and again, and didn't care what others thought.

Marlena, when faced with her mistake and the damages caused by it, punished herself for years. She didn't go after the man she was in love with, she let a man she loved deeply go, she took the anger her daughter dished out and was alone for three years. Sami, when faced with her cheating, blamed everything and everyone else. She hid it because she didn't want to lose Rafe. Marlena hid it because she didn't want to hurt Roman. The two can't be compared, and I wish they'd stop trying.
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