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Helpless Romantic
Dec 10 2012, 12:50 PM
Marlena was not fickle in the John/Marlena/Roman triangle. Nor was Caroline in hers. Marlena made her choice and she stuck to it. She loved Roman, but she was in love with John. Caroline loved Shawn, but her passion was strong for Victor...

Aww. :'(

This makes me so nostalgic for the old Days, where the audience actually cared about these characters. Part of it was what you described, I think -- interesting characters who were written mostly consistently, people you wanted to watch through the ups and downs of their storylines. Emotions and feelings mattered. There were consequences to people's actions. Characters made choices that the audience could relate to, on some level (resurrected zombie twins and demonic possession aside). It wasn't this whirlygig mash of awfulness and inconsistency and retconning of basic lore, which we've got now.

On that note, with the Marlena/Sami comparison, I'm not sure why they don't let Sami be a villain. She's selfish, narcissistic and pretty manipulative -- I mean that in a good way, though. Trying to shoehorn her into the role of "irrepressible bad girl gone good" isn't working very well. On the other hand, I think she would make a really good villain, if they just addressed -- and let her revel in -- her bad girl qualities. That, or actually make her reform. It's tiring to see everyone hand-wave away all of her terrible behavior.
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