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Sami is really into this wedding planning, isn't she??? So glad she is trying to plan the best wedding and just what Gabi would have wanted since it is for the mother of her grandchild. What an explosion that is going to be when Grammy Sami finds out it's Will, not Nick who is the daddy.

EJ and Caroline scenes were somewhere out there, surely, not believeable. Caroline may have loved two men, but when did Sami ever tell her that she loved both Rafe and EJ? I think that would be never. I don't want the writers to rewrite history, thank you very much. Let's play it like it is.. Caroline has never thought that EJ was the man for Sami and she has made that really plain many, many times. Please, writers, don't play the Alzheimers card for your ridiculous plot point.

So now we have lipstick-carrying, snickerdoodle baking EJ? Please. That is not Ej and should never be EJ. Let's move on and play the character like he should be.
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