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Tuesday December 11, 2012 Sheknows

Nikki arrives at Sharon's place and tells her she'll be arrested for arson tomorrow. Sharon says she sounds ridiculous. Nikki tells her she could go away for up to sixty years.

At the tackhouse, Victor confronts Nick about protecting Sharon - she burned down the ranch. Nick denies it. Victor says Chelsea returned and told them after the party. Nick says she may be trying to get rid of her competition. Victor asks about Sharon's illness. Sharon arrives. Victor suggests she seek treatment somewhere far away, and leaves. Nick confronts her about lying to him - and getting Noah to lie. Sharon apologizes. She says it wasn't her who started the fire - it was the disease. She just wants to get well. Later, Faith wants her mommy. Nick says she's sick and will get better soon.

At home, Chelsea flashes to pushing the Newmans' doorbell. Adam appears and says he's glad she came home last night. He leaves, and Nikki arrives. She wants Chelsea to go on record with the authorities. Chelsea refuses - Adam can't know she told them. Nikki urges Chelsea to remove Sharon from the picture permanently. Adam returns. Nikki says she came to see what he knows about Sharon and the fire. Adam says Sharon was away.

Lily, Leslie, and Devon, wearing casual clothing at Jabot, discuss what Neil's reaction will be to the creative atmosphere. Outside the office door, Neil takes in the groovy tunes. He enters and barks, "Devon!" Devon protests that it's just an experiment. Neil complains about chain-of-command and gets very stern, but then grins and says he's just messing with them. Later, Leslie tells him morale is up - she thinks he should loosen up too. She removes his jacket and tie and tells him to unbutton his top two buttons. She has to leave before the heat gets too much - she doesn't want to get fired.

Christine meets Paul at the coffee house and tells him how awful it was telling Danny they are getting back together. Paul asks if she feels she's doing the wrong thing. Christine can't resist the pull. She tells him she quit her job to move back. Paul's thrilled. He invites her to move in, but she wants her own place.

Lily and Devon chat about Neil at Crimson Lights. Lily thinks Neil changed his mind about reaming them out because Leslie was there. They discuss him being Type A and how great Leslie would be for him. Leslie joins them and they discuss Neil. Lily thinks he's happy to be working with Leslie.

Sharon returns home to find Adam there. He tells her Nikki was at his house about the fire. Sharon says she threatened to have her arrested. She says Victor was furious too and seemed to know for sure what she'd done. Sharon says Chelsea told them - this is payback. He leaves, and Sharon reads about the arson online.

Outside on a bench, Paul and Christine kiss and talk about taking time to do things right.

At the penthouse, Victor and Nikki discuss Sharon. He thinks Sharon told Noah what she did. Nikki rants about 'that woman'. They talk about Chelsea's refusal to go on the record. Victor says they'll still prosecute. They kiss. Victor says the other fires were set to make the ranch fire look random - he thinks Adam's behind it.

Adam returns home and tells Chelsea he forgot what a good liar she is, and accuses her of telling Victor and Nikki that Sharon started the fire. He says she didn't come back because she trusts him, but because she solved her problem. Chelsea doesn't care if Sharon's sick - she's her wife. Adam says apparently that's not enough - she had to push things. "You betrayed me, Chelsea." He says getting rid of Sharon doesn't fix things - quite the opposite.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Vikki says to Billy, "You got us two tickets to Jamaica." He asks her to run away with him.

Avery tells Nick she wants to be completely open and honest with him.

Phyllis is surprised Jack is late for an important meeting.

Jack is passed out in his car with a pill bottle beside him.

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