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I thought today's episode was ETERNAL. For the most part it was fine. Jennifer's heart hurting was bit much. Didn't care for any of the Caroline scenes. I only the stuff with the wedding and Gabi when it's just Will and Gabi, lol. Johnny is the biggest schmoop on the planet. I was trying to remember...for the most part the kids that have grown up on the show have been the children of heroes and heroines. It makes a difference. I just don't expect an EJ/Sami hybrid to be a complete dork. And I need them to re-establish the kids' residence. Why are they sleeping in multiple places? Last we heard, which was late last week, they were at Sami's full time. Also, why is Sydney choosing to take naps? What kind of lazy ass DiMera is she going to end up being? I had hopes for that kid and unless she's truly turning into naptime Sydney I don't want to hear about her taking voluntary naps. Sami remembered Allie.

I've never heard of Marlena making snickerdoodles, but I have heard of her making coconut cookies that Belle liked. EJ's baking snickerdoodles. He has completely morphed into a generic, no strong personality thirtysomething character. He's Austin. Oh, and did he say he hired Sami at Countess Wilhelmina? No, he didn't.
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