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Nicole receives an unexpected message from someone on Christmas Eve.
John is shocked by what he sees when he visits Brady.
Jennifer mysteriously cancels her lunch date with Daniel.
Rafe tells Sami how he really feels about their situation.
Eric gives Gabi and Nick good news.
Chad is determined to ask Abigail to spend NYE with him.

DVR Alerts:
Tuesday- Sami finds herself torn between EJ and Rafe.
Thursday- Daniel insists Jennifer and he go on a date

**UPDATED 12/12**

Monday 12/24/12
Will celebrates Christmas Eve with Sonny's family
Brady has high hopes for his relationship with Kristen
Sami wonders why Rafe seems withdrawn
The Horton's welcome Gabi into their family
Marlena and Roman give Eric new vestments

Tuesday 12/25/12
Kristen and Brady share a romantic Christmas morning
Sami talks to Eric about her love life
Abigail invites Chad to her family's house
Victor plays Santa for the children at the hospital

Wednesday 12/26/12
Rafe and Sami talk about their relationship
E.J. and Sami make plans for New Year's Eve
Rafe and Nicole decide to ring in the new year together
Jennifer breaks her date with Daniel
E.J. encourages Chad to pursue Abigail

Thursday 12/27/12
John walks in on Brady and Kristen together
Will worries about not being able to know his child
Daniel and Jennifer go on their date

Friday 12/28/12
Brady tries to explain his relationship with Kristen to John
Eric gives Gabi and Nick his blessing
Adrienne apologizes for doubting Will


Monday ("Christmas Eve Festivities")
Victor is touched by a present from Daniel, Brady, Justin and Bo; Julie is concerned about Nick's upcoming wedding to Gabi.

Tuesday ("Christmas Day Festivities")
Eric gives Sami some guidance; Abigail invites Chad over to her house; Jennifer agrees to read the Christmas story at the hospital.

Wednesday ("Making a Choice")
Sami agrees to spend New Year's Eve with EJ; Daniel surprises Jennifer with flowers.

Thursday ("Double Dates")
John walks in on the shock of his life; Will has a nightmare about not getting to know his child.

Friday ("The Truth Comes Out")
Brady shares his feelings about Kristen to John; Adrienne apologizes to Kate for talking ill of Will.
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