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Dec 11 2012, 01:33 AM
Queen B
Dec 10 2012, 11:54 PM
I kinda want them to drag out the Jack storyline longer, I don't want anyone to discover about his addiction yet because its starting to get really good and I think I can enjoy this story as a slow paced one
Yo I just saw the pre with Ole Smilin knock the fuck out in the car and it's DAYLIGHT :o (when was the last time a scene like that appeared on this show?) I wanted his s/l ongoing too if they just took the time lots too develop mounds of story to tell when it's about drugs and for many of the players surrounding Jack it could go-on for a wee bit, unfortunately the writers have'em massively plunging down Oxy at warp speed so IDK Bee,this shit might go super fast but like you I'm hoping not.
Light--I think they Oxy caused him to wreck and I think it will fuck up his back surgery because he did way too much too soon. There is a rumor saying he is paralyzed again. I'm kind of confused though because I thought they fused his back after they removed the bullet unless they are going to say the wreck popped the fusion. That will be real bad. I thought if he is in a coma the actor maybe will go on a vacation or something. Interesting stuff though.
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