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Dec 9 2012, 01:37 AM
Dec 8 2012, 08:16 PM
It always shocks me how low Y&R & BB's 18-34 viewership numbers are. Now, granted, I don't watch either (only Days) but still. Given Y&R has almost 2x as many viewers as Days, one would expect they would have more 18-34 yr old female viewers.
If you watched Y&R full time you'd understand why, believe me... I'm in that age bracket and am almost at the end of my rope with the show. Days and GH, for all their faults, do a decent job focusing on their younger cast. Y&R's teenage landscape has bratty Summer, random Fen and some girl named Eden who is on about twice a month (thankfully)..
I'm with you Shick. The younger crowd on Y&R is crappy at best. Where are the Mac, the Brittanies, the Raouls, the JTs etc?? An actual group of friends. B&B has a good mix but the triangle from hell is keeping me away. GH even manages to make their older characters fun to watch as well as the young.
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