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The holidays approach.

Kristen starts faking something while she’s in bed with Brady… nightmares. He’s concerned. She claims she’s just worried about ruining his relationship with his father. He looks at her like a lost puppy. At that moment, Marlena worries that Brady has become smitten with the DiMera. She enlists Hope to test how committed he is. It turns out he’s pretty committed. The shrink worries more. She does her best not to slip up and spill the beans to John. Meanwhile, Kristen tries pulling Brady even closer by using Johnny and Sydney. That works and he starts demanding a commitment. Jenn later walks in on them doing something that’s hard to misinterpret. He tries to explain things to Jenn. She doesn’t know how he can do something this crazy. He begs her to keep her mouth shut and she agrees to do that… for now. Kristen later pays her a visit and tries to convince the Horton that her motives with Brady are pure as the driven snow.

Sami is shocked when a roomful of gifts are delivered for the kids. EJ puts his foot down and claims it’s too much. He impresses Sami by convincing the kids to give most of the gifts to charity. Even Rafe is impressed by that. Kristen shows up. She wants to talk to her bro about Brady but Sami is blatantly eavesdropping. When Kristen name drops Stefano, Sami throws a fit. After an anti-DiMera rant from her, EJ says that, under her guidance, he has renounced his DiMera ways but will always be one of them.

Rafe apologizes to his sister for overreacting once again. She picks up Nick and they go to see Eric for their pre-cana session. Things are tense as they talk about their feelings and Nick covers up the fact that he’s not the father. It gets even more uncomfortable when John and Marlena arrive and dole out family advice. The shrink starts to probe Gabi about the shame she senses she’s feeling. Gabi insists that she feels no shame and manages to convince her that she just wants to make her marriage work.

A sober Jenn tells Daniel again that she loves him. Before their lips can touch, Lucas interrupts to lecture Jenn about hooking up with the doctor when Jack’s ashes are still floating in the breeze. She tells Lucas to stuff it and promises Daniel they can have some ‘romance’ over the holidays. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe spend some time with the kids and reminisce about their past. Caroline takes her grand-daughter aside to tell her that she’s been in her position too. She advises her to choose wisely between EJ and Rafe.

Will turns to his father to mope about his fight with Sonny. Lucas tries his best to be supportive. He even goes to see Sonny himself and urges him to patch things up with Will. Sonny just heard the same thing from Chad. However, the moment gets a little confusing when Lucas mentions the money that Will borrowed from him. This gets the Kirakis thinking. He confronts Will, but only assumes that his boyfriend was helping with the abortion. They agree to put that behind them. Gabi and Nick show up to speak to Will. She worries that Sonny seems to be getting too close to the truth. Nick says that no one will ever believe that ‘gay boy’ is really the dad. That pisses Will off.

Eric continues to be tortured by his memories of Africa. He won’t open up about them to Caroline, but after waking up from another nightmare with a scream, Nicole shows up to push him for details. Eventually, he tells her about seeing a fellow priest die in the Congo. The priest took a bullet meant for him. Nicole assures him it wasn’t his fault and says he is still doing God’s work. She later runs into Chad and tells him how much she is missing Sydney. He offers to get Sydney a gift from her. Chad continues his good deeds as he spends some time with Abby, getting her to open up about losing her father. Chad meets up with his older brother and they visit Lexi’s grave. They spend some time with Abe and Theo before heading to the pub. Sami notices EJ is grieving and tries to comfort him. Rafe spots this and keeps his distance. Meanwhile, Kayla makes some Christmas plans with Abe and Chad decides it’s time that he actually got to know Cameron.
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