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Dec 11 2012, 04:33 AM
Dec 11 2012, 03:51 AM
Eric continues to be tortured by his memories of Africa. He won’t open up about them to Caroline, but after waking up from another nightmare with a scream, Nicole shows up to push him for details. Eventually, he tells her about seeing a fellow priest die in the Congo. The priest took a bullet meant for him.

This is so Jack's s/l and I am beyond insulted and unlike Jack Nicole is being very supportive of Eric, whom she hasn't scene in a decade while Jack's wife was cold hearted and unfeeling to her husbands's plight. I am not impressed, not one bit!
Actually it's not. It's more like "Mr.Eko" and his brother Yemi on season 2 of "Lost".

Anyway, the Bristen stuff sounds GREAT. Looking forward to Kristen luring Brady further into her web. And using her niece and nephew? Love it! It's cold, calculating, deceitful, and totally Kristen!

WTF has happened to EJ? Donating toys to charity? Where's my grey bad-ass? I have zero interest in cuddly, goodie-two-shoes EJ. If that's the way he's going to be written, Sami can have him. Then I can Ffwd through them.
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