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I enjoyed this episode pretty much throughout. Caroline's line to E.J. about Victor/Shawn didn't ring entirely false and no outrage was felt. Of course the comparison doesn't work on every level (no comparison would) but she was trying to make a wider point that fit. Victor was bad news back in the day much like E.J. is now (no need to give a laundry list of each character's misdeeds) whereas Rafe is a rock and generally tries to live a decent life and do the right thing (some misguided actions aside). These things seem largely true to me.

The Dan-saves-Jen scene wasn't laid on as thick as I expected when I read the write-up in the other thread. I'm sure the aftermath will be sickly sweet and I'll be rolling my eyes into my skull throughout, but the actual event played out better on screen than it read in print. I had visions of Nicole holed up in some corner looking on in awe, and she actually did help as much as she could without having any of the relevant skills to participate in a surgery. That Daniel's shakiness is now magically cured is contrived, but the whole storyline is contrived so whatever.
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