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I didn't like the Caroline and E.J. scenes, but I hate everything about E.J. and James Scott, so there's that.

The dialogue just didn't flow from point A to point B very well at all. First Caroline hugs Johnny and almost immediately gets rid of him (yes, I realize this was basically a "it's time to let the adults talk" distraction, but it was still dumb), then she thanks E.J. for taking Johnny to see her (she saw him for two seconds!).

Then she makes a couple of vague comments about her condition before becoming clairvoyant and randomly transitioning into a discussion about Stefano, with the flimsiest of connections between the two conversations. As far as I can tell, we were supposed to assume that she was sympathizing with Stefano because they had each recently faced their own mortality, but that was barely conveyed on-screen.

Then she made some sort of comment about holding grudges, without actually specifying which grudges she was talking about (or if she had actually forgiven Stefano, E.J., or someone else for those things). It seemed like it might have been intended to be a veiled suggestion for E.J. to forgive Stefano, but there was barely anything to confirm that that was the case.

Then she said that Stefano was still E.J.'s father. Okay, more (vague) evidence that this is supposed to be about E.J. forgiving Stefano. But then she makes a random comparison about her and E.J.'s love for their respective children (Caroline hadn't even been talking about her children, so where did this come from?), and she said that it was something that she and E.J. had in common, so now we're back to the conversation being about Caroline and E.J. finding some sort of common ground.

Then E.J. just abruptly changes the subject and starts talking about Countess Wilhelmina, and he can tell that Caroline disapproves of the situation. Interesting, since I couldn't tell that Caroline disapproved -- to me, it seemed like she was simply getting defensive about her memory lapses when she stated that she would have remembered that piece of information. I guess that defensiveness and disapproval are now the same thing, though. :shrug:

The comparisons between Caroline and Sami's relationships with their respective "good"/"bad" men made enough sense to me, but the rest of the conversation was all over the place. It wouldn't have been that difficult to think of a few transitional statements that would have worked much better.

Those scenes were probably the worst of the day, IMO -- even worse than the final scene between Daniel and Jennifer.
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