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Dec 11 2012, 03:51 AM
The holidays approach.

Kristen starts faking something while she’s in bed with Brady… nightmares. He’s concerned. She claims she’s just worried about ruining his relationship with his father. He looks at her like a lost puppy. At that moment, Marlena worries that Brady has become smitten with the DiMera. She enlists Hope to test how committed he is. It turns out he’s pretty committed. The shrink worries more. She does her best not to slip up and spill the beans to John. Meanwhile, Kristen tries pulling Brady even closer by using Johnny and Sydney. That works and he starts demanding a commitment. Jenn later walks in on them doing something that’s hard to misinterpret. He tries to explain things to Jenn. She doesn’t know how he can do something this crazy. He begs her to keep her mouth shut and she agrees to do that… for now. Kristen later pays her a visit and tries to convince the Horton that her motives with Brady are pure as the driven snow.

Sami is shocked when a roomful of gifts are delivered for the kids. EJ puts his foot down and claims it’s too much. He impresses Sami by convincing the kids to give most of the gifts to charity. Even Rafe is impressed by that. Kristen shows up. She wants to talk to her bro about Brady but Sami is blatantly eavesdropping. When Kristen name drops Stefano, Sami throws a fit. After an anti-DiMera rant from her, EJ says that, under her guidance, he has renounced his DiMera ways but will always be one of them.
Okay this Kristen stuff sounds awesome.
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