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Dec 10 2012, 02:12 PM
I guess I just disagree with all of you.

I think the only comparison that the writers are trying to make is that Sami is torn between two totally opposite men (good guy vs bad guy) and Caroline was as well. I don't think anyone is trying to say that EJAMI and Victorline are/were the same as Shawn/Caroline or Safe are/were.

And maybe at this very moment Sami has not seemed as torn between the two as she has been in the past, but that's because it hasn't been her primary story lately, as she has been wrapped up with Eric's return and Gabi's pregnancy/wedding for the last few weeks.

She still has feelings for Rafe evidenced by their quickie back on/off again relationship and then lately, at the office, you can see she's having some feelings re-emerge for EJ. I believe that she is torn; a big part of her wants to reunite with Rafe because of what he represents to her, her hero/white knight. At the same time, she knows that she has this strong attraction to EJ that she can't seem to let go of, despite their history, even when she's happy with someone else, Lucas, Rafe, etc.
I agree with you. I think the writers are making the point that Caroline had feelings for two completely different men, and that she recognizes the same thing in Sami. I didn't see a comparison between Shawn/Rafe and Victor/EJ, but rather a comparison between Caroline and Sami, with Caroline acknowledging that she loved both Shawn and Victor.
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