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What I don't understand is, why is using a surrogate such a bad thing? The way Bravo edited it out and everyone's reactions seemed like Brandi said that Adrienne admitted that shes part of the mob or something to that affect. I was lmfao when Adrienne was freaking out saying that what Brandi is saying is defamation of character, character assassination (?? hmm doesn't sound like using a surrogate is the big secret to me) and liable for a lawsuit yet she went on to say Brandi is a drug dealer. Just your typical hypocritical Adrienne self.

I wonder who Mauricio is referring to in the previews when hes telling Kyle that "he's sick of it, he's put up with it for too long. Doesn't matter why she said what she said, it's gossip" I thought he was talking about Brandi but then the whole (put up with it for too long) makes me think its Kim cause he really hasn't dealt with Brandi enough.

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