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I agree that Brandi shouldn't have brought up the mystery secret, but Adrienne shouldn't whore herself out on reality television and expect for secrets to remain unspoken. Kim's alcohol abuse came out, Taylor's (alleged) victimhood came out. Even if she didn't get how reality tv generally works, she had those two specific examples on her own show. She should have pulled out, or never gotten involved in the first place, if she's trying to protect her privacy.

And I also agree- big fuck you to Bravo for again building drama around an unknown factor. Unlike other times, like with Danielle and the Manzos, they seem to actually have footage of the moment and they're holding it back. Maybe I'm supposed to wait eagerly for Adrienne to appear on Andy's show? Or the reunion? Or a "lost footage" special?

I also think Bravo encouraged them to get that drama on camera- Kyle's question to Brandi, Lisa nudging Brandi along until It came out, Kim bringing it up to Adrienne/Paul at an alleged business event for maximum dramatic potential. So I'm pissed that from my perspective they brought it to the viewers in this half-assed manner, when these scenes probably wouldn't have occurred without production guiding things along in the first place.

I hope Mauricio's irritated at Kim. It's probably the case, since Lisa set up Kyle/Kim tension with her awkward "what makes you want to relapse?" question.
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