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Monday December 17:

Kristen fakes a nightmare while in bed with Brady.- I'm over this shit already

Marlena has second thoughts about keeping Brady and Kristen's secret. She confides in Hope.- More confiding in someone about Kristen's evilness. Dull and repetitive.

Sami's surprised to see a roomful of Christmas presents for their children from EJ's associates.- Boring

EJ arranges to donate the toys to charity, prompting both Sami and Rafe to see EJ's doing a good thing.-Boring

Sami eavesdrops on EJ and Kristen, and is about to hear something private.-Predictable, indicator of her choosing Rafe

Rafe apologizes to Gabi for his reaction when he learned of her pregnancy.-Dull

Jenn tracks Daniel down and tells him she really is in love with him. -Blech
A must-miss episode

Tuesday December 18:

Lucas interrupts a kiss.-Good, he gets airtime

Lucas takes Jenn to task for dating Daniel and disrespecting Jack's memory.- Finally! Go Lucas!

Kristen catches Sami eavesdropping and covers.-Boring

EJ won't renounce his family - just their ways. -Boring and stupid, but he has no balls, so no surprise

Sami's impressed by EJ's declaration.-Dull and repetitive

John innocently questions Brady about his relationship with Kristen.-Gross and stupid

Brady pushes for a commitment.-Stupid

Jenn walks in on Brady with Kristen.-WHY, JUST WHY? Meaningless...
I'll watch the Lucas scenes on Youtube, but I won't give my airtime to more Krady/Dannifer/EJami bullshit

Wednesday December 19:

Brady tries to explain himself to Jenn.-Sounds stupid. Everyone has to explain to Holy Saint Cuntifer

Kristen can't wait for her affair to come out.- Predictable

Lucas is sympathetic to Will when he confides he and Sonny had it out.- Lucas gets more airtime. Interesting. Will watch on Youtube.

Sonny claims he has figured out the secret involving Will, Nick, and Gabi.-Boring

Gabi's afraid Nick's about to tell Father Eric about their baby's father.-Boring

Marlena asks pointed questions to Gabi about her pregnancy and Nick.-Could be nice, might watch on Youtube
Another can miss episode. At this point, I'll just watch the scenes with Lucas and maybe Marlena on Youtube.

Thursday December 20:

Eric tells Caroline he hasn't been sleeping.-Interesting

Eric is startled out of a dark memory by Nicole.-Interesting

Sonny agrees to keep Gabi's confidence.-Boring

Sonny and Will agree to move on from the Gabi and Nick talk but each is talking about something completely different.-Boring

Will is angered by Nick's derogatory tone.-Interesting. Can't wait to see this.

Chad volunteers to get Syd a gift from Nicole.-Good! Sydole scenes are always so sweet

Chad and Abby commiserate.-Good
I'll watch the Chabigail/Sydole/Ericole/Will scenes online, but I can't sit down that day to watch more pregos crap on the TV.

Friday December 21:

Eric tells Nicole a harrowing story about his time in the Congo.-Good

Eric starts to get closure.-Good, maybe a bit rushed, but good

Rafe and Sami take a walk down memory lane about what they once shared.-Sweet, but how many times can they walk down memory lane? Seems like this is every Friday that they do this!

Sami tells Caroline she's torn between two men.-Stupid and pointless. Caroline already knew this.

Chad and EJ visit Lexi's grave.-Nice and probably sweet scene. I'll watch the scenes I like online for this one, but I can miss this episode as well.

Kayla connects with Abe.-Nice

Chad and Cameron get to know each other.-OK, but I would've thought they already knew each other better.

What is up with these spoilers! Same ol' shit, just five different days! Some things are good, like Lucas, Will, Sydole, Chabigail, Safe and Ericole. But that material is only worth one good episode! I will read recaps/watch some scenes online, but there really is no point in wasting my time to watch the same old main storylines of Dannifer, Krady, Gabi's pregnancy and the Triangle from Hell. Cameron and Chad getting to know each other is fine, but they're already friends, so it seems kinda weird. I like that Kayla and Abe are reconnecting. Just seems like the writers are running out of stories, though.

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