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The roomful of toys probably came from EJ, and he is insisting on giving toys to charity so that Sami can look at him with doe eyes and love him for that. Seems like it to me anyways. :(
Oh that dastardly devil. :rolleyes:

Seriously - if they are going to have him scheme I'm going to need it to be just a bit more devious than donating toys to charity or taking advantage of the opportunity to work closely with Sami at a job she loves. I don't want him kidnapping the kids or anything...but I wouldn't mind seeing him bring Meredith back to town armed with more bricks and mortar. ;)
Actually, this is exactly the kind of scheming EJ should be doing. It's much less likely to blow up in his face. If he brought back Meredith with bricks and mortor, he would inevitably find himself behind that brick wall and only Rafe could save him. This is really much less dangerous.
I agree. To me, the ideal EJ is one that lies, manipulates, and blackmails, but doesn't cross the line into trying to kill people and kidnap babies. I think the former can realistically exist in Salem and be written consistently as a gray character. He wouldn't be so bad that everyone would want him dead, but he wouldn't be so good that people would actually trust him or extol his virtues.

When they go too dark with writing for him (like attempted murder and kidnapping), it just becomes silly that this guy is even allowed to walk freely, let alone be around his kids. Stefano could do really dastardly stuff in the 80s and 90s because they would take him off canvas whenever it got too heated. With EJ, if they want to keep him a permanent part of Salem but also make him somewhat villanous, then I think they have to stake out a consistent middle ground with him.
Yeah, that's the inherent problem with trying to make EJ both a romantic leading man AND a dastardly villain. While I think this problem exists to some degree regardless of who EJ is paired with, it is even worse when they are trying to make him a viable option for Sami. Not because Sami herself couldn't be with a villain, but because the canvas is relatively devoid of people who EJ could direct his villainy at without causing a conflict with Sami. She's related to half the town and, whatever the history, wouldn't seem to accept EJ going after the Brady's yet again. She may not be with Rafe anymore, but history tells us that that the surest way for Rafe and Sami to reunite is for EJ to scheme against Rafe.

Really there are only two readily available targets - Nicole and Kate. However, Nicole has nothing EJ wants anymore and, therefore, there is no reason to scheme against her. If they ramped up the Mad World/Countess W stuff, I could see EJ playing dirty against Kate and Sami embracing that. It's probably the best way to find some middle ground. Either that or they need to bring in some new counter-villain.
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