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Dec 11 2012, 11:49 AM
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Dec 11 2012, 10:32 AM
The roomful of toys probably came from EJ, and he is insisting on giving toys to charity so that Sami can look at him with doe eyes and love him for that. Seems like it to me anyways. :(
Oh that dastardly devil. :rolleyes:

Seriously - if they are going to have him scheme I'm going to need it to be just a bit more devious than donating toys to charity or taking advantage of the opportunity to work closely with Sami at a job she loves. I don't want him kidnapping the kids or anything...but I wouldn't mind seeing him bring Meredith back to town armed with more bricks and mortar. ;)
Actually, this is exactly the kind of scheming EJ should be doing. It's much less likely to blow up in his face. If he brought back Meredith with bricks and mortor, he would inevitably find himself behind that brick wall and only Rafe could save him. This is really much less dangerous.
I can't argue with that. But I guess what I really need is for EJ to successfully scheme to get Rafe out of the way - if he's going to scheme, at all. I miss the days waaaaay back when EJ seemed to stay a step ahead of everyone. Sweevil EJ was fun. This guy...not so much.
I'd actually prefer he leave Rafe alone. If he can't get Sami without sabotaging Rafe...well, I just find that sad. I'd feel differently if it were a different woman, but with Sami, if she can't choose, it's not hard to find someone better. EJ shouldn't be jealous of Rafe. Not because of looks but because of personality. They both have rotten personalities but EJ is the type to not care and be ridiculously over confident anyway whether he should be or not. The fact that he keeps getting threatened by Rafe's flowers is so ridiculous.
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