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Dec 11 2012, 12:19 PM
"Jenn tracks Daniel down and tells him she really is in love with him."

Lol, this gave me a mental picture of Jennifer tromping through the hospital hallways in duck-hunting boots, with a scoped rifle over one shoulder and a bloodhound on a leash in front of her.

Well, why not? She's done just about everything short of that up to now, to show her interest in him. Which is why I can't quite picture her backing off when Chloe returns and Daniel starts eying her like he wants to take a spoon and dig right in. (Bummer, dude--you went for the vanilla yogurt before you knew double chocolate mousse was going to be on the table.) Obsessive Jen is probably here for the rest of the winter, at least. Didn't she tell Maxine she was "relentless" when she wanted something? I just hope that she gets called on her crazy this time, instead of excused the way she was over Nicole.
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