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Dec 11 2012, 02:23 AM
I don't understand why they have Chad getting even because of Melanie and now he is determined to ask Abby to spend New Years Eve with him.If Abby does,I hope it is strictly platonic.I cannot see her taking him back after he dumped her for Melanie.
That's the hope. Chad and Abby were a perfectly fine couple before they were wrecked so that yet another man could fall at Melanie's feet. Chad is seemingly still so hung up on Melanie that his entire on-screen existence is fueled by animosity toward Gabi for robbing him of his happiness with her...yet we're potentially supposed to believe that he's nurturing rekindled feelings for Abby? It doesn't feel right to me. I'm not saying that "rediscovering" feelings for Abby should cancel out his anger at Gabi, but I think Abby deserves to be his primary focus if he's going to have the audacity to pursue her again. I probably sound like a broken record, but she'll end up looking like a consolation prize if they start to put these two back together while Chad's still caught up in avenging his broken heart. Remember when he and Melanie began realizing their feelings for each other? That was all bound up in much they supposedly had in common and how much more natural their chemistry was in contrast to Chad's chemistry with Abby, despite how much they were "fighting" it for Abby's sake. Are we supposed to forget that? Presumably not since Chad's always reinforcing what he lost when Melanie left? If she were still around they'd be MARRIED right now ffs. I hope that's not lost on Abby. If they're doing Chad and Abby round two I just hope they make it organic and believable but as things stand I'm kind of at a loss to see how that happens.
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