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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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The roomful of toys probably came from EJ, and he is insisting on giving toys to charity so that Sami can look at him with doe eyes and love him for that. Seems like it to me anyways. :(
That would be the best news if it turned out true. This spit and shine version of Ej is a real dull dud.
Ej only works IMHO when he's a villain, the minute that they try to soften him up in order to pair him with Sami he fails miserably as a character and James doesn't play that side of the character that well.
I agree Ethan Cambias was a total bore and a failure and so is this version of Ej.
I still remember like it was yesterday seeing the scenes with Ej right around the end of 2006 and I could actually FEEL the fear that all these characters must have been in. I was home from work that week between xmas and new years and I remember telling myself...they finally found the next Stefano, Holy shit he's good. I was sincerely stating that as a compliment to James and I really loved to hate the character of Ej back then....now I simply can't stand him....and I know he has fans and is rather popular but to me, his existence in Salem needs to be the younger version of menacing Stefano or nothing at all....his every other year attempt to redeem his ass continues to be a failure because the show doesn't need another good guy, they might need more grey guys but IMHO Ej is too psychopath to ever be considered a gray character.....
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