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Dec 11 2012, 01:44 PM
Dec 11 2012, 12:10 PM
I don't think the surrogate thing is a secret though. All of the women seemed to know about it. It's probably just something Adrienne didn't want brought up on camera. She doesn't have her kids on camera, so it should never even be brought up. That should've been respected. But fame hungry Brandi is a piece of garbage, and Adrienne threw some stones at Lisa, and Brandi's immature and wants to fight Lisa's battles, so she wanted to do something that'll hurt Adrienne. Being Adrienne's friend at one point, Brandi knew what to say to do that. It's sick.

I'm proud of Kim for being the one to tell Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said. None of the other ladies seemed like they were going to. Not even Taylor, who is supposedly long time friends with Adrienne. Even Kyle scolded Kim for telling Adrienne at the event, which I guess makes sense since the event was for Mauricio and not exactly the right location. Still good for Kim. I like the friendship she and Adrienne have. Adrienne was the only one that had Kim's back in Season 1 and 2, and now Kim is repaying the favor.
She had her kids freaking birthday party on the show, so YES, she shows her kids on tv.

People who want their private lives to remain private, don't film a reality tv show period, so that is nonsense.

She LIED about giving birth, which I find ridiculous. If she didn't want to talk about when Brandi brought it up, she should have said she didn't want to discuss it, it's private, etc. Don't LIE and then be surprised when people call you out as a liar.

And if Kim was really her friend, she would have called her at home, not brought it up at Mauricio's party, where she knew it would cause DRAMA. Kim's as dumb as Adrienne is.

I love Brandi and her honesty.

I'm glad Adrienne's not coming back. She is BORING and sanctimonious.
Adrienne never had her children's birthday parties on the show. She had a barbecue in Season 2 and the ladies were told to bring the kids. And if I recall correctly, anytime Adrienne's kids appear on screen, their faces are blurred out.

We don't know the reason Adrienne doesn't want this on television. It does seem weird why Adrienne would care if people knew she had a surrogate. Camille has been open about it. Why can't Adrienne? That's what makes me wonder if there is more to the story, and reason behind Adrienne being so secretive. If that's the case, it shouldn't have been brought up.

Adrienne Maloof has NEVER made it any secret that she's only on HW to promote her family's brand. She doesn't want her personal business on the show, hence why she doesn't involve her children. Bravo certainly never seemed to have a problem with Adrienne's decision, probably because they wanted her to be a part of the show since she is definitely, without a doubt, the richest among the cast. BH was all about wealth, and Bravo loves showing Adrienne's.

As for Kim's decision to tell Adrienne at the party, that's just how reality TV works. I'm certainly not going to fault Kim for doing her job. I still think she was being genuine.

I'll be sad if Adrienne doesn't come back. I really like her. Have since Season 1. I just think she tried to get more involved in the drama, and I don't think she really knows how to. Adrienne said it before that she gets uncomfortable around confrontation with women, having grown up with all brothers. Like many other reality TV stars, Adrienne seems to be a victim of producer prodding. They probably urged her to "go the extra mile" like the other ladies, and Adrienne really fell on her face, unfortunately.
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