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Dec 11 2012, 03:01 PM
The ONLY thing I got out of this episode whatsoever that was worth a fart in the wind was this which made me LOL:

"Nicole, can you grab the antibiotics out of the cooler outside?"

Um...So Tan had time to put antibiotics in the cooler outside when?

Where were they before? In the fridge next to the Heineken?

Hey, Nicole, while you're up can ou grab me one of those too?

:thanks: :drunk:

This entire episode was a mixture of utterly boring and total WTFery. What I actually paid attnetion to anyway.
I think the whole story is beyond stupid, but he was there to update the medical stuff at the cabin which they said was being used as an emergency medical place for the island. So it's really not that ridiculous that he had that stuff.
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