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I think when they try to change any character's personality just to pair them with somebody, it fails miserably. A character's evolution has to be natural and take time, which Days completely sucks at nowadays for pretty much all their characters. Historically though, some of my favorite couples involved mismatched pairings and redemptive arcs (Jack/Jen and Steve/Kayla), but TPTB seem unwilling to invest in this long-term writing now.

Anyway, I've actually found JS to be believable at portraying a romantic lead (in late 2007/early 2008 when they did EJ's first redemptive arc), as well as an evil villain (sweevil EJ of late 2006/early 2007). It's just that the pendulum has swung back and forth so many times that either end of the spectrum ends up being unbelievable. I neither shake in my boots when he makes threats, nor do I swoon when he professes his love, because I know he will probably be doing something completely the opposite a month down the road. The lack of consistency has made him an uncompelling character on both ends of the spectrum IMO.

And I think there is a big issue with taking EJ really dark - namely that JS is young, hot and does seduction scenes well, so there is a good chunk of the audience that will want him to be viable in a romantic pairing. That's pretty different from a 60-something JM terrorizing Salem as Stefano 20 years ago. Plus, they've given EJ little kids and JS has good chemistry with the Kunitz twins, so there is a chunk of the audience that likes seeing him as the doting daddy. Again, that is very different from Stefano in his hay day who only had adult children on the canvas. I just think it's hard to make EJ a pure villain because there's a sizable part of the audience that likes him in a different capacity. Ultimately, I think villains work the best when they can come in, do their dastardly deed, and then exit stage left. If you leave them hanging around the canvas, they end up getting neutered. And I highly doubt they are going to remove EJ from the canvas anytime soon. So if they actually want to create a consistent persona for EJ, I think their best path is to make him a somewhat gray character (like esp13 said - business scheming and some manipulation - that's my preference) or take him down a realistic, long-term redemptive arc (which TPTB are way too lazy to do).
I totally agree with you, there's no character on Days that can beat JS/ EJ when it comes to seducing and this is main reason why they should not write this character too dark IMO! Then you can discuss the stories that they write for this character they are beneath contempt many times! Either way, it's not interesting to see that they used EJ to Provide any drama to dull characters like Rafe etc!

I thought about your comment "there's no character on Days that can beat JS/ EJ when it comes to seducing" and completely concur with you as to that's how it seems coming across the screen to me ... but obviously the powers that be don't seem to be getting the memo because if we look at the way it translates in storyline the only woman he ever seems to have any regular sucess in seducing was willing to sleep with Roman. Its not saying much for the difficulty factor.
She actually slept with the likes of Roman, and Victor....and well with Taylor, Ej just had to hand her the scarf...the scarf did more seducing than EJ at that point.
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