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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Dec 11 2012, 04:41 PM
My preference, if they do Ejami, is to darken Sami a little. Make them both schemers and manipulators, but give them a soft spot when it comes to the kids. But I am convinced Sweeney wants Sami to be a "heroine", instead of the grey character that made her the popular underdog, thus EJ's character has to be watered down in the process.
That was my hope and dreams in 2003 for Lumi. They kept them in charactert for a bit until they professed their love for one another and there were still some moments where they truly were 'themselves'...but the minute that Lucas had issues with Sami working for Tony and he began to question who she was and why she was doing this, it started feeling like they had gone off path for my Lumi. A guy who worked for Tony (Andre) didn't understand how someone can be railroaded into working for him too? Especially someone as vulnerable as Sami was at the time? Then came the quad of doom and I was PISSED. I'm telling you, when I think back, the BEST part of Lumi was when they weren't 'together' but where fighting their feelings for one another.....2003/04 was my favorite. The minute they go with Ejami and they profess their love, the story is done.....seriously...you watch.
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