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Tuesday CAN/Wed US via rediculous

Nikki meets with Kaye, tells her that Sharon started the fire at the Ranch, that woman will pay for what she did. Kaye hates seeing Nikki being so consumed with revenge. Nikki is worried about Victor and his need to get NE back.
Victor on the phone with someone, needs prove that Sharon set the fire, that woman will pay.

Billy trying to convince Vikki to go out to dinner, she is not interested, he shows her tickets he has, you got us two tickets to Jamaica? Billy really pleading his case, Victoria begins to loosen up but then Victor appears at the door, Billy goes upstairs, Victor tells Vikki that Sharon set the fire, she wants to know if Nick knows. Victor begins his mission to get her to help him get NE back, they don't agree ,Vikki refuses to help him, she won't budge, Victor is furious, Vikki stomps off, Billy says, you have managed to drive away all your children Victor tells him to go to Hell and leaves. Later Victoria tells Billy she wants to go to Jamaica with him and work on their marriage. Billy is ecstatic.

Jack is late for a meeting, Phyllis and Kyle are in panic mode, she send Kyle looking for Jack, who is passed out in his car, a guy arrives, for the meeting, he is someone who is promoting green energy, Phyllis doing her utmost to impress the energy guy, tells him they have a no plastic policy, Jack drives a hybrid, his home is solar powered, we want to go green and we want to do that with you, the guy looks at her and says that's all great but I'm here to be interviewed as a new assistant, he is Sarge's nephew looking for a job, Phyllis is speechless, she had the wrong guy.

Phyllis begins questioning Jack about where he was, he lies and says he went to Chicago for a software meeting, she keeps questioning him about his pill use, he gets really angry with her and orders her to get to work.

Avery to Nick, I want to be completely open with you, she tells him she had a really good husband, but she cheated on him, Nick talks to her about his own cheating, hers broke up her marriage, Nick asks her if she loved the guy she cheated with and she said she did, he was killed in Afghanistan, just before she came to GC. They have a good discussion about their feelings, and about cheating .

Victor and Nikki at the end, he is very down, all his children have left him, he can't just let NE go, he will fight for it himself, Nikki understands, it fills up an empty space for him. I'm going to get it back, Victor says, but without my kids beside me what is the point?
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