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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Dec 11 2012, 04:41 PM
My preference, if they do Ejami, is to darken Sami a little. Make them both schemers and manipulators, but give them a soft spot when it comes to the kids. But I am convinced Sweeney wants Sami to be a "heroine", instead of the grey character that made her the popular underdog, thus EJ's character has to be watered down in the process.

If TomSell could let go with this obsession with making Sami into a mini-Marlena, and write her true to form, Ejami could be believable. It's like they don't know - or are purposely ignoring - what made people want Ejami to begin with: Not the thought of EJ becoming a hero to Sami's heroine, but SAMI turning more morally gray to reflect EJ's morals.

Write them like Victor and Nikki, two gray characters who will scheme to get what they want (and will sometimes hurt each other in the process), yet love each and their kids passionately, and you might have a winner.

Write them as a hero/heroine, and they will fail. Not only is "wise and mature" Sami unpopular with viewers, but EJ shouldn't be watered down to fit that type of character.

Sami needs to be written more like Kate. EJ like Victor.

The problem is, "Days" can't do grey or complex couples anymore. There's nothing wrong with a grey male/female being in a long term romance, but they seem to think so. Just like they seem to think that the audience prefers Sami as a heroine, when they do not.
Absolutely THIS.
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