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Dec 11 2012, 02:37 PM
Anyone miss Yolanda? *crickets* Yeah, me neither.
Lol- so true. Not good planning to ditch a new HW three episodes into the season before she's caught on.

And the Sur scene- that waitress was frickin' gorgeous! I know it's Hollywood and whatnot, but damn!

Adrienne Maloof has NEVER made it any secret that she's only on HW to promote her family's brand. She doesn't want her personal business on the show, hence why she doesn't involve her children. Bravo certainly never seemed to have a problem with Adrienne's decision, probably because they wanted her to be a part of the show since she is definitely, without a doubt, the richest among the cast. BH was all about wealth, and Bravo loves showing Adrienne's.

I think that it'd be different if it were just her kids off-camera. But Adrienne- whose wealth never seemed as glamorous and aspirational as Lisa's, imho- also seems to have downplayed her marital problems, her business ventures (since the whole shoe thing), and her anti-Lisa campaign was conducted in the shadows somewhere far off-camera.

Point is, if Bravo was OK with cutting some of her life out while paying her to live on camera, I can totally understand why they'd change their minds. In a way it reminds me of Teresa. It's just being a bad employee.

The other thing is...I get really bugged by the idea that Adrienne is somehow entitled to control her image on the show. She made a deal with the devil for exposure, secrets getting brought to light is a natural, foreseeable consequence. Brandi's an ass for bringing it up (maybe, who knows what "it" really is), but Adrienne totally put her family in this position, imho. I can't feel sorry for her or give her a pass. Or say that Brandi shouldn't have said anything.

I mean, if we give Kim a pass for public disclosure to Paul/Adrienne because that's how reality tv works, shouldn't Brandi get a pass for talking about real life in front of the cameras? Maybe Brandi just doesn't like being complicit in Adrienne's lie. I'm not sure that's a negative character trait.

JMHO of course. I'm actually kind of glad for this distraction today. So much easier to rant about tv shows than work.
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