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Dec 11 2012, 05:41 PM
I mean, if we give Kim a pass for public disclosure to Paul/Adrienne because that's how reality tv works, shouldn't Brandi get a pass for talking about real life in front of the cameras? Maybe Brandi just doesn't like being complicit in Adrienne's lie. I'm not sure that's a negative character trait.
What business is it of Brandi's? So she doesn't want to be complicit of Adrienne's lie, whatever it is. Why should that give Brandi a pass to expose it in front of cameras?

It all comes down to the reason Brandi brought up the secret. What was the point? It wasn't like anything happened in that moment that made Brandi so fired up that she revealed it out of anger. It came out of nowhere. Maybe Adrienne is a completely different person off-screen, but what I'm seeing on-screen doesn't warrant what Brandi did. Brandi's actions, to me, scream I need a storyline/rivalry, so I'm going to pull out the biggest deepest secret I know about another cast member to ensure my spot on this cast. It's twisted, especially because it involves Adrienne's kids that she doesn't even bring on the show.
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