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Dec 11 2012, 08:15 PM
Dec 11 2012, 08:07 PM
The character is an insult to women. There is nothing wrong with soaps portraying a woman who enjoys domestic and feminine traits, but this character is almost a 1950s caricature invoking stereotypes of the good housewife.
Yes, because we saw so many successful female attorneys in the 1950s.
That's a very weak and reductive argument. One modern attribute doesn't undue the MULTIPLE feminine stereotypes the character displays. Just showing a woman having a career outside of the the home does not make her an empowered woman free of stereotypes. (BTW, a character can be a stay at home parent and still be an empowered character). There is more to gender issues than women working (and, frankly, its not really a gender issue anymore). The show does not focus on her law career (anymore). Her "career" is purely dressing. She spends her time chasing boys like some love sick teenager. Again, most female lawyers don't have the time to go bake cookies or play these love games in their free time. Why don't we see Michael's ass baking or engaging in his hobbies besides sex? His ass is always stressed (as most attorneys). Its a stressful and full time career. The baking female attorney is unrealistic. When she is not baking, she is the perfect pseudo- mother to Summer. She's dressed more stylish than a Vogue cover model. Its too much, IMO.

Look at Tea on OLTL. She was a female attorney and they didn't have her act like Betty Crocker. Tea was involved in storylines that focused on her career AND her love life. She engaged in feminine activities, but it wasn't excessive.
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