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Queen B
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Dec 11 2012, 09:34 PM
Avery is boring as fuck. That may change, but right now I couldn't give a shit about her baking skills or her cool new apartment.
I think they already are trying to make her 'less boring' but I'm not feeling it. Today they had her boobs popping out of her chest and had her talking about how shes such a terrible person because she cheated on her husband. Nick said, "I cheated on Sharon....and Phyllis." and Avery's like "Oh but Nick, that's different, you fell in love with Phyllis! My infidelity was way different!". Like bitch please, I already hate your cookie cutting ass and now your gonna act like there's a double standard cause hes a man? It's laughable for Avery not to acknowledge how much of a slut Nick is
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