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As far as I can recall, the show never blamed Andrew for the explosion. He did set off the first explosion with a lighter, but he didn't cause the gas leak (or any of the subsequent explosions, which were the result of sparks from broken light fixtures and exposed wires), and Melanie was worried about the possibility of an explosion from the moment that she first noticed the gas leak, five or six episodes before the first explosion. There were also a number of cave-ins before the first explosion.

I think that the show treated the explosion as an inevitable disaster. It had been established that the underground tunnels had been leaking gas for a number of years, because that was also what had caused Lexie's brain tumor, and it seemed like the implication was that it was only a matter of time before the pressure would have caused an explosion. Andrew might have accelerated the process, which happened on a particularly bad day due to the big event that was happening that evening (Brady and Madison's wedding), but I'm not convinced that the writers ever intended for viewers to blame Andrew or Gabi for the explosion and subsequent deaths.

Perhaps that will change once the truth about Gabi's involvement in Melanie's kidnapping is revealed (and I do agree that it would make the stakes that much higher), but for now, I just don't see that happening.
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