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Gabi could have avoided all criminal liability if she had simply reported Andrew's kidnapping of Melanie immediately. Hiring someone to pretend to stalk you is not illegal, as long as she wasn't doing it to try and con money out of Chad. She made a big deal about refusing to report the stalking to the cops. So, there was no real crime or conspiracy until Andrew kidnapped Melanie, but the moment Gabi chose not to reveal Melanie's captivity or try and aid her - Gabi became part of the conspiracy and is liable. The fact that Andrew kidnapped Gabi before the explosion might make Gabi legally exempt from the consequences of the explosion, it doesn't make her morally exempt. She knew Andrew was crazy and committing a crime by holding Melanie, and she did nothing and he remained free to commit more crimes.
Good valid point about the stalking, if the cops had been involved THEN she would have been in trouble for that because of cops pay and lying to the police, but since that wasn't the case technically she gets a pass on criminal part there.
Honestly, it was a true sabotage of Gabi's character to have her not report Melanie's kidnapping. She's the sister of a cop, and she should have known that she wouldn't really be liable for Andrew's actions (and if by some quirk of the law it was, her reporting the whole thing would go a long way to getting her off the hook). And she wasn't portrayed as being afraid that Andrew would hurt her or kill Melanie, two things that would have made her actions make some kind of sense. Instead, she was just being stupid and cowardly.
Andrew had her convinced that Chad wouldn't believe her even if the cops did. Not that this is a good reason to become an accomplice in a kidnapping.
Personally, I really don't give a lick about this whole kidnapping Melanie stuff. We all know Gabi isn't going anywhere and that she'll probably have Will and Sami defending her when the truth comes out. For some horrid reason, Gary Tomlin loves the Gabi, Will, Sami, and Rafe quad. :drunk:

I expect the DiMera's to come out looking like the bad guys and the Hernandez duo looking like innocent victims. :censored:
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