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Dec 11 2012, 09:47 PM
If she's been intimidating and plotting against Brandi in the off season as every report indicates she has no reason to keep her secrets. That's not friendship. And watching the scene it did look like she was setup to basically vent about how she had been pissing her off lately. It wasn't a big dramatic "Oh yeah? Well _________". It was just one extra item in her rant.

But there really seems to be a double standard here. Adrienne's able to stab Lisa in the back, fabricate the radar online story, and slam Brandi for reality fodder but Brandi's not able to return the favour? It's tit for tat.
But what kind of person does that make Brandi? The minute she's no longer friends with Adrienne, she goes and tells her secrets. That's a shitty thing to do to somebody. If you no longer want to be friends with someone, cut ties with them and move on. You don't take information divulged to you in a friendship and then expose them because the other person upsets you. What 40 year old woman does that? A bitch, that's who!

What has Adrienne said about Brandi? Everything I've read so far comes from "sources" that Brandi is accusing Adrienne of being. I haven't heard anything come from Adrienne until this episode where Adrienne made mention of Brandi sleeping until 3 PM because she's partying with booze and alcohol.

As for Lisa and Radar Online, even Adrienne herself stated she fucked up trying to bring that to light. She even said it right after on the reunion show. It's been said numerous times that ALL of the ladies were going to speak to Lisa about selling stories. Camille was the only one, besides Adrienne, that admitted to knowing about the accusation. The minute nobody else chimed in about selling stories, Adrienne retreated and apologized to Lisa.
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