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Dec 6 2012, 02:22 PM
This week's Soap Opera Digest has an article about Jen and Dan.

Jennifer's appendix bursts and Daniel can't get her to a hospital. So he performs surgery at the Horton Cabin as Nicole "watches in awe".

Then he sees he no longer has hand tremors.

When Jen comes to afterwards, she tells him she loves him and he says he loves her. Nicole overhears.

When he goes back to Salem, Dan has Kayla confirm that his hands are now fit to do surgery again. She runs tests on him and he passes.

In the hospital, Jen tells Dan that she regrets what she said. She doesn't remember what it is she said, but he takes this statement to mean that she regrets having told him she loves him.

But then later, her memories "come flooding back"...

A long time ago, when I first got Internet access, it didn't take long before I started reading fanfiction on long-gone sites like Geocities.

That fanfiction was never capitalized, usually had the wrong punctuation, was sometimes cut off halfway through, could never remember the character names, and sometimes, had a view of the human anatomy which, quite frankly, scared me.

Today I can say that this fanfiction was better than material crafted by people who have been paid to write for many, many years.

Here's looking at you, 1995.

Suck it, 2012.
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