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Dec 11 2012, 07:34 PM
I hate this idea of letting EJ be the new Victor. We had a new complex Victor. His name was Phillip. You know? Victor's son. A man you could understand being like Victor. And Shawn/Belle/Phillip was the new Shawn/Caroline/Victor.

Why in the hell can't EJ be what he was supposed to be like the man who made him? Not like some man he has no connection to?

The real problen with this show is. They can't just go with the flow of the story. No they have to bend characters until they are broken. I don't believe that most people see EJ as this Jack like character. I think most viewers see him as a villian and are fine with that. They don't need hero EJ. They don't need slightly dark EJ. Villians have sex. Ask sonny Corinthos.

Sami was never on the evil side of grey. Even at her worse she was more Nancy than Kristin. An anti-Brady is still a Brady. That just means they still can be heroic. They just do it their own way. The same way Lucas was the anti-Horton. Before hortons became the villians of the show.

Because they took pangs i ln making sure we saw how she was still this damaged girl who did not know her way, she could always be redeemed. She was a character who needed more light not darkness in her life. She brings the darkness. But darkness never made her happy.

The couple you create have to balance eachother. That's a problem with this show as well. None of the couples balance each other.

Sami's dealing with two extremes for her middle of the road self. That's made her someone she was never supposed to be. Fickle and helpless. Depending on a guy for every damn thing. Jenn has become this sap of girl for hero Daniel when she was always the strong sure good woman who always balanced an unsure Jack. Brady and Kristin is just all kinds if rediculous.
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HELL YES to this post.

I thought the Philip/Victor relationship was perfect. Why they EVER sacrificed him to that red-headed pit of suckiness is beyond me. Philip was definitely the offspring of Victor and Kate!!!

I think EJ needs to be a balls-out VILLAIN. Or if they do decide to give him and SlamPig the happily ever after than fine. Re-cast Chad (even though the character is stupid) or bring back Tony to be the next villain. Or better than all of these- Give Kristen something evil to do besides fuck Brady. (Although I was almost always able to empathaize with kristen. We saw her lose her mind and all)

I agree Sami was never much of a villain. But she was a corny, teenage semi-villain. And that's how she worked best. Selfish and insecure with pretty much everything blowing up in her face. It seems these days that's what they want Nicole to do, when Nicole worked better as a money-grubbing schemer. (Although whatever way they decide to take Nicole, AZ usually performs it beautifully unlike the Sween)

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