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Sammie Jo
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Dec 11 2012, 08:07 PM
Queen B
Dec 11 2012, 07:57 PM
Sammie Jo
Dec 11 2012, 07:36 PM
Dec 11 2012, 02:24 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
No I don't have a law degree but so what, does that mean people with law degrees can't cook and make a nice home?
I don't think she looks like barbie, just because she's blonde doesn't mean she's barbie, barbie didn't have a law degree.
People have hobbies to relax and unwind, cooking & baking may be her outlet.
Frankly I find her refreshing, I'm sick of all these career super females who have no time for their children or husbands, then they wonder why the kids run amuck and the husbands have affairs. JMO
Avery went from being a top notch lawyer to being the new Betty Crocker over night. It's just silly
And just a tad insulting with a dab of sexism.

So many career women who work long hours, also, long to bake in their free time while wearing expensive clothes and high heels. Get real.

Oh and I don't want to hear "attorney's can bake none sense". The character is an insult to women. There is nothing wrong with soaps portraying a woman who enjoys domestic and feminine traits, but this character is almost a 1950s caricature invoking stereotypes of the good housewife.
and in the 50's we didn't have near the problems with dysfunctional families and kids that we do now.
I'll take the 50's over today's world anyday.
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