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Jeff on if Y&R EP Jill Farren Phelps and head writer Josh Griffith had asked him to stay on past the end on his contract cycle: ďIt was a contract that was only supposed to last six months and it came to an end. They didnít show any interest in wanting me to stay. We could have talked about that, but I canít control that. Iím just currently doing both CSI and CSI: New York right nowÖIím staying in the CBS family.Ē

Jeff on the story that was never given the proper airtime Ė that of Ronan and his mother, Nina (Tricia Cast): ďI feel like a big ball was dropped there and I donít know who was responsible. Tricia Cast is a powerhouse of an actress. I deeply wish that she and I had more time. Thereís so much story there that was never touchedÖso much. You could still bring the Chance character back for it. Iíve told Jill Farren Phelps that if she wants to call me, Iím right by the phone. If I come back, I would more than anything play out a story with Tricia Cast and really do the Phyllis/Ronan storyline properly, which I think was the way it was goingÖit was more loving and real. More than just hooking up and having beer and pizza. There was real potential there.Ē

Jeff on leaving so soon after the bullying storyline (which features the teen Ronan is mentoring, Jamie) is becoming a front-burner storyline: ďThat was frustrating for me. But again, things were out of my control. They had decision to make and they had to go another way. I wish it wasnít the case. That storyline is extremely important, either way. Whether Iím a part of it or not, Iím happy itís being played. Itís extremely relevant and needs to be talked about. Kids can be very hurtful and social networking makes them 800 times more dangerous. Iíve left it in good hands, Christian LeBlanc is an extremely talented actor and I know itís going to be done the right way. I was just happy to be part of it.Ē

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