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Best part of the episode was Victor's snarky quotes against Kristen.

I still love Brady and Kristen's chemistry. That bed scene when Kristen giggles when she finds out Brady bought her a gift was cute. Despite her using him, they are still just so fun together. The scene where she's shoving him into the closet (with his clothes) was fun, too. These two just work well together. I kinda hope it's more long-term than just a few months. Martsolf and Davidson shine together.

I don't like John being this cold and unemotional with Marlena. Dude needs to smile more, and show some warmth. He acts annoyed that Marlena is bothered by Kristen. The woman helped Stefano kidnap the love of your life and locked her in a cage, not to mention faked a pregnancy and attempted to kill your wife and daughter. Bottom line, John needs to show more love and warmth towards his wife. Cuz right now, I ain't seeing it.

I like Chad and Abby together!! Much more chemistry than he had with Melanie. I think Kate and Casey have a lot of chemistry, and wouldn't mind seeing them in a solid romance. I liked Chad's vulnerability towarda Abby today. I like that he's taking it slow with her.

Overall a solid episode.
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