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Jamie bugs me with all this "no one loves me" "must be nice having parents that care about you" talk. it's not making me sympathize for the character, they haven't even shown that he has this terrible life that everyone's speaking of. I'm actually rooting for Fen, the bully. I know I'm terrible

I half enjoyed Avery today for once, it's good to see her doing something besides baking and I enjoy her and Summer's relationship. hopefully they can make Avery show different emotions besides being happy go lucky all the time, it's annoying.

Chloe and Chelsea are a couple of hypocrites sitting around bashing Sharon, like have they forgotten all of the crazy shit they have done to try and reel in men who don't want them? I know Chelsea's reason for drugging Billy was for money, but I don't believe the bitch has changed at all, she's taking enjoyment out of Sharon's pain and doesn't care that her husband probably thinks about Sharon when he fucks her.
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