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Gabi deserved at the very least everyone knowing what she did. Justin's role in what he did with the signed agreements between Nick and Chad was a ludacris idea. First off because Chad should have told Nick press charges, go ahead you're an ex convict for murder and I beat you up for my girlfriend the (thought) daughter of the man you killed for her. Chad would have maybe gotten probation. Nick would have been in trouble with the police if for nothing else getting into a fight right after parole, whether he started it or not. As for Gabi, she walks away from all she did lives lost because of what she started, but even if anyone wants to say Andrew was the psycho (she hired him) and she knew he held Melanie captive and did nothing to help her for days.

But in the end Chad will get in trouble with the cops for breaking the agreement because he's a DiMera and Gaby is a Hernandez, with Will a Brady and Nick a Horton. :moon:

Chad should go to the cops and tell all now, that's revenge on ALL.
Nick did not "fight back",he never swung or attempted to swing at Chad.Nick was assaulted by Chad.You do not get into trouble on parole for being the victim of an assault.Chad was too much of a coward to tell Nick to press charges even though with his DiMera name and connections,he probably would have gotten probation if no one managed to buy off the prosecutor or judge.
Nick may have been assaulted BUT if they had went to jail for the fighting incident he would have still had to explain what happened to him by getting into a fight while on parole, hence Gaby busted. Chad without a record would not have gotten jail time probation maybe. Gaby is looking at felonies.
It is not a fight,if only one person is swinging and hitting the only other person involved,it is an assault.A fight requires that all persons involved either make physical contact or attempt to make physical contact with each other.Nick never raised a hand to Chad,therefore,Nick was not in a fight,Nick was the victim of an assault.The victim is not required to explain why someone assaulted them.
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