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Mean, Mean, Mean!
Dec 9 2012, 11:50 PM
Sudden idea... I ALMOST... ALMOST... Think they should get together and be happy... for about a day. Then Peter Blake should come back to town, reformed, and sweep her off her feet, #1 To stick it to dan, and #2 to show how superficial her feelings are.

Btw, Random but, does anyone else find it weird that since Kristen has been back we haven't heard the name Blake once? I mean I understand she goes by DiMera now but... wouldn't you think in seeing SOMEONE again, any one person, they would have went, "Kristen Blake?!" and had her reply, "I go by DiMera now." Probably just bad writing. (Huh? On THIS SHOW? NEVER!!) I just find it odd.
Can't wait to see Jennifer & Kristen see each other again but I doubt
Peter will be brought up wish she would go there lol
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