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Dec 11 2012, 03:43 PM
Dec 11 2012, 03:13 PM
Oh, get her Chad/Sonny Gabi is on my last nerve and its good to see Will with some backbone with Nik. Its going to be Will and Sonny against Gabi and Nik and I can't wait. Sonny is not happy and on a war path and Will is not happy about being quiet about the baby. It would be so great if Will and Sonny told eachother the truth and went to the wedding and told everyone the truth. Please let this be over I want Sonny to know the truth about the baby and I want Will to know what Gabi did to Mel. :angry: WAIT CHAD IS WORKING AT THE COFFEEHOUSE... :mellow:

Good to see Abby and Will together oh and wait til Abby finds out what Gabi did, she was always a little suspicious of Gabi in the stalker mess anyway. Justin and Sonny I like when they are on together, they have a real dad and son vibe to them.

I don't want to see Will and Sonny argue over Gabi, Will take off the rose colored glasses and see Gabi for who she is and take Nik with her.

Uncle Vic is great I like him he can see right through mess.
All I can say to this mess is JUSTIN dear god WTF......you did this for Chad give me a friggin break, he's the only one who got a major screw job on the whole situation. He should still go to the cops on Gaby and who gives a shit about what he did to Nick. Nick's a felon, EJ his brother the lawyer could easily get him off considering the circumstances, he beat up the man who stalked his girlfriend and killed her pretend father after his now girlfriend had the same girlfriend kidnapped.

Jeez does Tom/Sell actually watch the crap they write, that whole concept makes no sense. If anyone went to the police about Gaby's action's all of the above could be considered accessories to covering up a crime.
Nick was not stalking Melanie when Chad assaulted him and he went to prison for the murder.I can see why Chad is angry with Gabi but he made the choice to not tell Melanie about Gabi/Andrew and to assault Nick.Melanie ended their engagement based on choices Chad made,not Gabi's behavior.
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