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I actually enjoyed today's episode. It was the best episode since the baby drama started. It pulled in so many different characters. I felt like I was watching a real story. I like how everybody is keeping secrets from the next. I can't wait for this to all explode at the wedding. Though, Gabi has some nerve to tell Sonny to go to hell when she basically put Mel in hell. I wish they'd let Sonny have more of an edge like this. I get the feeling him and Chad try and take down Nick and Gabi at the wedding.

I love Chad and Abby. They are so great together.

Loved the Abby and Will scenes with Will telling Gabi he loves Sonny :wub: . Now I'd like some scene with Abby and Sonny.

I still think this all ends up in a big custody battle between Wilson vs. Nabi. I see Will turning on Gabi once he finds out the truth.

I like Kristen and Brady together (and I haven't like NuBrady with anybody until now) but once again they are all about sex which will make them so boring soon.

It's too bad Wally is only used for purposes such as today. He's the best actor on the show.
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