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I would like to think that all the references to Jennifer wincing and bending over in pain (and people asking her if she's okay and telling her to take it easy) was setting up a twist that the surgery didn't go as well as everyone is saying. I would like to think that the reason Jennifer cancels her date with Dan is because she's having health problems and is trying to hide them from everyone. I'd like to think that while she is on a date with him (she cancels, but then goes ahead with the date the next day), that we'll get more wincing and efforts to hide physical discomfort.

But alas, that's unlikely. Today's many references to her visible displays of pain were probably just due to MR's acting choices and weren't a focus of the writing at all. Too bad. (To clarify, it's not because I wish Jennifer ill will, I would just like to see a much better, less predictable, less vomit-worthy story than the one we're getting.)

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