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Dec 12 2012, 11:16 PM
This show keeps piling on the schmaltz and the cheese where Dannifer is concerned. It's just gotten so bad that even the filters and the nicknames wouldn't help. It's just bad. I try to imagine what the writers are thinking when they type this stuff on their keyboards. Do they really think they're coming up with a good story? Do they pat themselves on the back and dream of winning awards? Or are they just cynically churning out schlocky junk that they know is a stinking pile of manure, but they just don't care? I really can't figure them out.

It's hard to imagine that TIIC don't know how bad this is: cheesy, schmaltzy, heavy-handed, manipulative. Either T&W have a collective ego the size of the Lower 48, or they're piling on the crap just because they can and because Chloe's coming back in the New Year. I know a lot of folks dread that she'll be used for Dannifer angst, but I'm starting to wonder if it's Jennifer who'll be used for Danloe angst. Poor, desperate, needy Jen-Jen, opening her heart again after being widowed. How can Daniel ever admit to her that he's still got feelings for Chloe? That he wants to bone his voluptuous ex-wife like a filet of sole? How can he possibly break the heart he mended? Oh, the drama! :rolleyes:

Pity there's no one on the show to say what many of us are thinking: that just about any woman with a brain and a pulse is far too good for Dirty Dan.
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