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Mr. Brightside
Dec 12 2012, 01:24 PM
Dec 12 2012, 12:59 PM
He sounded bitter in that interview to me and I just never got the vibe that he cared about Y&R.
I interview Jeff (the original article is here: http://entertainment.ca.msn.com/tv/interview-yandrs-christian-leblanc-elizabeth-hendrickson-and-jeff-branson), and he wasn't bitter at all. He was as confused as we are as to why they never really explored the Ronan/Nina stuff or even the relationship between Ronan/Chance. He did like where Phonan was headed towards, but by then his contract was expiring.
He liked where Phonan were heading? Did he watch his final scenes with her? I thought having Ronan cry over Phyllis was the bottom of the barrel and I knew it was time to stick a fork in the character. Before Ronan was the work devoted cop with walls and after he got the Phyllis treatment he became a dirty cop who had no spine. That instant change in personality was another annoying factor. BTW, was it ever resolved why Ronan skipped town after the surgery?

I liked Branson on AMC. Never cared for him on GL and I thought the beginning of his stint on Y&R was decent.
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